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150th District Court

Early Voting Starts: October 22 - November 2
Election Day: November 6th, 2018

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Keep Judge Renée for 150th District Court


The 150th District Court handles family law matters—divorces, child custody and support issues, and child protection cases—along with every other kind of civil litigation, from car wreck cases to multi-million dollar business disputes. 


Judge Renée Yanta has deep experience, making her exceptionally qualified  to continue serving as the Judge of the 150th District Court and her therapeutic PEARLS Court.  She has been an attorney since 1993, handling civil litigation and appeals all over Texas for 24 years. She is Board certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She teaches law to attorneys and law students. She has written hundreds of legal articles and is the co-author of a set of essential books every Texas judge and lawyer uses when in trial. 

Now, Judge Renée is in her sixth year on the Bench. She has handled over 3000+ cases while a Judge, from car wreck cases to complex business disputes to all forms of family law litigation. But, hands down, her favorite legal proceeding is when she has the blessing to preside over an adoption, creating another Forever Family. 

Qualifications & Work Ethic:

Even as a public school teacher 30 years ago, Judge Renée has always had the reputation of being one of the hardest workers. It is almost routine for Judge Renée to begin her first case of the day at 8AM, then hear complex summary judgments requiring her to do extensive legal research, skip lunch to have special child protection hearings during the noon hour, and then work until 8PM on family law trials and her therapeutic court that works with teen girls in the Foster Care System. It is not uncommon for Judge Renée to walk home from her work long past the time Security closes the front doors of the courthouse, locking them for the day.

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