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150 Reasons to Re-Elect Judge Renée
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Early Voting Starts: October 22 - November 2
Election Day: November 6th, 2018

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150 Reasons to Re-Elect Judge Renée Yanta

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San Antonio Express News Endorsement

We are excited to announce the Official Endorsement from the San Antonio Express News.   EXCERPT: In 150th District Court race, we recommend Republican Renée Yanta to a second term. Yanta has 24 years of legal experience, seven of them on the bench. She was appointed to the 73rd District Court bench in 2009 to

Campaign Rally on September 25th!

  On Tuesday, September 25th,  we’re hosting a campaign RALLY. I’d love for you to join me! We have great digs for the event — an amazingly beautiful model home in a private neighborhood called Huntington. It is off 1604 near Paesanos Restaurant. We have great food and refreshments by Black Tie Catering. And we’ll
Reason #105 (of 150) to Keep Judge Renée: Judge Renée is co-chair of the Community Justice Program, which provides pro bono legal services to those who need access to justice! And tonight was one of those nights!!! 18+ end-of-life documents created for dear families!! Thank you CJP volunteers!!
Reason #101 to Keep Judge Renée: Judge Renée tried jury trials all over Texas before taking the Bench, and has presided over 50+ jury cases as a judge. No other candidate for the 150th comes close to having that depth of experience!
Reason #102 (of 150) to Vote for Judge Renée to Stay: Judge Yanta is so dedicated that she often works on PEARLS or other court business over her weekends! This type of hard work and dedication has had her coined the “Energizer Bunny Judge” by people around the courthouse!
Reason #103 (of 150) to Vote for Judge Renée: There are some family law cases that require Judge Renée to interview children. That is a delicate task for sure, and she relies on her years as a teacher, mother, and now grandmother to tenderly listen to the children.
Reason #104 (of 150) to Vote for Judge Renée: Judge Renée Yanta believes in the power of community!! That is why she invests herself into sharing her “How Golden Heels Bested Sticky Floors and Glass Ceilings” speech. The speech surveys the sticky floors and glass ceilings women still face; the HUGE disconnect created by those
Ever heard of adoption by Facetime? Well, when a military couple in Misawa Japan was adopting a military birth-mom’s baby in Landstuhl Germany, Judge Renée found the best hotspot in the courthouse and finalized that adoption over Facetime!
Highlights of the Reasons to Vote for Judge Renée: July 15-21
A Judge Yanta supporter shares why she is voting for Judge Renée this November: “Judge Renée is the only candidate that is not only qualified but has the heart and soul needed to preside over the 150th District Court.” -Margie Harris.
Nurturing students for 9 years as a public school teacher has given Judge Renée a deep understanding of children’s developmental needs. This kind of experience helps Judge Renée stand out as the ONLY qualified candidate for the 150th District Court!
It’s not uncommon for Judge Renée to work through lunch on a case that needs immediate help!
Reason #110 (of 150) to Vote for Judge Renée to Stay: She’s a grandma.
Judge Yanta has presided over hundreds of CPS cases! She protects children and creates the opportunity for parents to heal and restore themselves as good parents!
On August 15th, Judge Yanta is spearheading a first-of-its-kind Summit to build a transformational vision to create an even more accessible, positive, inspiring community for young adults who have aged out of Foster Care! Kids are our future so we need to take care of them! To be part of the Summit, register at http://bit.ly/TheSummitVisionandVictory

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150 Reasons to Keep Judge Renée

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