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150 Reasons to Re-Elect Judge Renée
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Early Voting Starts: October 22 - November 2
Election Day: November 6th, 2018

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150 Reasons to Re-Elect Judge Renée Yanta

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Dear Renée, I am a very proud Papa for all you accomplish and how you do it. So on this Father’s Day, I’m sending you my love and my endorsement: I encourage the people of Bexar County to keep my daughter, Judge Renée Yanta, as Judge of the 150th District Court. Love, Dad ❤️
Reason #143 to vote for Judge Renée: Judge Renée graduated from St.Mary’s University summa cum laude and was also on the Dean’s List every semester! The dedication Judge Reneé possessed in law school exemplifies her dedication to the Bench and people of Bexar County.
Reason #144 to vote for Judge Renée: She is the hardest worker on the Bench! Judge Renée arrives early and stays late!
Reason #145 to keep Judge Renée on the bench: She has the biggest heart and she also has the BEST hugs!
Reason #146 to vote for Judge Renée: Her heart is all about protecting children, and rejoices in creating forever families!
Reason #147 to Keep Judge Renée: She is a visionary for change in the Foster Care System. Innovating a therapeutic court for teen girls in Foster Care (PEARLS Court), Judge Renée shared her vision: “Our job is to provide a space for healing, a place where they [teen girls] find their voice and become empowered.”
Reason #148 to vote for Judge Renée is that she is a strong leader in the community. In 2005 she was awarded Belva Lockwood Outstanding Lawyer of the year. Check out the history of this amazing award.
Reason #149 to vote for Judge Renée is that she’s supported by folks from all parts of Bexar County, including her dear friend Red McCombs. ❤️ #KeepJudgeRenee #KeepJudgeReneeYanta
Dear Friends: Today marks the 150th day before the election. So today, we are starting to countdown the top 150 reasons to vote for me—Judge Renée. I’m looking forward to this journey with you❣️ Here we go❣️ Reason #150: With 6+ years as a Judge and 24+years as an attorney, Judge Renée is the most
Dear Friend: During my 6+ years as a District Court Judge, I have had the great honor to serve you by applying the Law as written, with a heart to protect families and children. This upcoming April 5th, I’ll be serving up something entirely different: Great Food, Great Conversation, and GREAT Jazz!!! Join me for
Humbled (and super excited) to announce: I am ENDORSED by the San Antonio Police Officers Association!!! Thank you SAPOA; I promise to continue to pour my heart into the families and children of Bexar County
You’re Invited! You’re Invited to “Well-Heeled Women” for Judge Renée – Wear Your FAVE Shoes and Pearls to Support Judge Renée’s Re-Election RUN! Date: Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 Time: 6pm – 8pm Where: Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano 8539 Fredericksburg Road San Antonio, Texas 78240 Hosted by 150+ Women for Judge Renée. RSVP by February 16th kimsmithlubel@outlook.com


I’m Judge Renée Yanta, and I’ve had the opportunity to serve as your judge for almost six years, and today, im announcing… I’m Running for Re-Election! Im looking forward to spend another 4 years serving as your judge of the 150th District Court.

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