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Event: Jazz & The Judge on April 5th, 2018

Dear Friend:

During my 6+ years as a District Court Judge, I have had the great honor to serve you by applying the Law as written,

with a heart to protect families and children.

This upcoming April 5th, I’ll be serving up something entirely different:

Great Food, Great Conversation, and GREAT Jazz!!!

Join me for the BEST. CAMPAIGN. EVENT. EVER!!!

We’re calling it

Jazz and the Judge!

 Featuring the AMAZING musician Dr. David Levey on drums

and Johnny P and his band!!

Reveling in the cameo performances of SURPRISE musical artists!

Featuring the magical culinary skills of Chef Luca Della Casa!!

Savoring signature libations!!

Here are the details:

April 5th


622 Cinnamon Oak; Shavano Park, Tx 78230

I personally invite you to join me April 5th!  

I am deeply grateful for your support; and let’s have a groovin’ time!!

See you then!

Judge Renée Yanta


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