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Judge Renée's Judicial Philosophy

Early Voting Starts: October 22 - November 2
Election Day: November 6th, 2018

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Judicial Philosophy

Respect is the cornerstone of Judge Renée’s six years of service as a Judge.

She respects the law—she is a legal scholar and researcher.  She follows the law as written.  Judge Renée respects the litigation process.  As a judge, she requires the lawyers practicing before her to be prepared and efficient.  It is very important to Judge Renée to expeditiously try cases so that justice is done, and the sacrifice Bexar County citizens make by serving as jurors is respected. 

Judge Renée respects each person involved in the courtroom—husbands and wives working through a divorce; parents needing court assistance to create productive parenting plans; businesses litigating commercial disputes; and every party who looks to the court system for their opportunity to seek redress or defend themselves. 

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